inspiration from Sonya Yong James...

inspiration from Sonya Yong James…

To my dear friend,

This afternoon, Sarah, Bianca, Georgia and I began to talk about art and creativity. Looking back on the conversation, it is so interesting and wonderful how each of us have strong opinions about our tastes, each different from one another.

Sarah has a strong dislike to abstract and minimalist art that shows not huge amounts of skill but a lot of creative thought. Bianca loved that though, where art conveyed deeper meanings that have been conjured up in the artist’s mind and expressed in a personal and unique way to the audience. Georgia said that the artist ought to be using their talents to help people, not for their own personal satisfaction and benefit. And I love creative things, new ideas that requires experimentation, rough and large texture that are exciting to look at.

This individuality is such an exciting thing and in my textiles major work, I have chosen the focus area of textiles art so that I can explore a more creative side of me (equally terrifying and exciting). My interest in large, bold textures and shapes has brought me to coral reefs and their organic, natural form, bright colours and wonderful textures.

I am trying to accept at the moment that not everyone will like or understand what I will create with my coral reef dress, but that it will be a piece that reflects me personally and my creative flair. I am aiming that the dress won’t be too affected by other people’s artistic tastes, but just an declaration of myself.

Love, Ally xx


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