major works…

To my dear friend,

Last week, the Year 11 and 12 sewing class went to the textiles show at the Rosehill racecourse, to see last year’s Major Works. It is always such a fun excursion to see what creations the students have dreamt up and created, so much time and love invested into each piece. Sarah, Georgia and I went together to see the pieces and were inspired by some, blown away by others and all hopeful that we can make something just as beautiful this year.

I also got to meet the inspiration for my dress, Prudence Mapstone who is an incredible freeform knitter and crochet-er. She was so sweet and encouraging when I told her about my dress and her influence!

I am only beginning to realise the hugeness of a major work, how much work is required, planning, designing, re-planning when your design isn’t going to work! At the moment, I am knitting seaweed for the skirt and trying to work out how to make a structured petticoat and it is coming along slowly but surely.

Hope you are well, talk to you soon,

Love Ally, xx



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