To my dear friend,

Today, after hours and hours of designing, sewing, knitting, beading, couching, embroider-ing and felting, I have finally finished my textiles major work. The last few weeks have be huge for all the girls in my textiles class and I am so excited by the gorgeous projects they have made, a Victorian masquerade costume, a fairy dress, four seasonal girls dresses, an ‘under the sea’ quilt and a black and white dress exploring ‘inner beauty’. SO creative and great!

I wanted to share my dress with you,  I think it came together quite beautifully…

A special thank you to a few people; Jess and Rosie for their help over the last year, Jess Hawes for lending me her textiles model, Minnie, Mum and Dad 🙂 I could not have done it without your help!

Love, Ally xx


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