To my dear friend,

Have a read of these humbling lyrics…

~Jesus’ Name~

“Have mercy on me, oh God,

For before me is all of my sin,

God, every transgression will stand,

My every sin exposed.

I have never been yours alone,

I have tried to live life on my own,

Don’t cast me away but renew,

The joy that I have known.

Oh Father, I need your grace,

I will never be perfect enough,

Lord, make me like white winter snow,

Cleanse me, make me whole.

King Jesus chose the cross,

I’m forgiven, his blood was the cost,

Your spirit has unlocked my heart,

And inspires me to sing…

We want to see Jesus magnified,

For the sake of your glory lifted high,

We want to hear every saint declare,

 Jesus’ name, Jesus’ name.

Lord, how can your grace extend to me?

Restore me and fill my mouth with praise

Lord, open my lips to sing aloud,

Jesus’ name, Jesus’ name.

 Where ever we go we worship still,

Let your word shape and guide our will,

Lord, strengthen our hands to do the work

For Jesus’ name, Jesus’ name.

Jesus, for your kingdom, let us burn,

For the sake of your name, see lost return,

We take up our cross with hearts on fire,

For Jesus’ name, amen.

– Nick Freestone, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Chatswood

I have been challenged so fiercely by the concept of grace, which is the idea that God loves us completely undeservedly. Nothing in our strength or struggle can restore our relationship with Him, only his arm of love reaching down to us. This song reminds me so clearly of that, my inability to earn salvation and dependence on God’s saving grace, of which I am so thankful for!

Til next time, love, Ally


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