To my dear friend,

Hi again, it has been a while and I do hope that you are well and thoroughly enjoying the new year!

I just wanted to tell you a little list of things that have been absolutely, mind-blowingly fantastic in January (and a few from December, its been too good).

  • painting with watercolours at Fingal Bay with Min
  • getting a job at the pharmacy
  • swimming in the paradise of Bruny island
  • hanging out with June and Marcia
  • helping out at summer camp as a part of the ninjas team #kotobah
  • visiting whiskey bars in Salamanca with Evie and Pete
  • planning a trivia night
  • starting my bible-in-a-year plan
  • berry picking
  • pumping the tunes and catching up in Lemon Tree with Steph, G, Jordan, Riley and Jess
  • having city adventures with Jess and Diana and going vinnies shopping
  • watching the Asian cup
  • working at church on a tuesday
  • celebrating Jonno’s 21st
  • learning how to make webster packs for the nursing homes
  • being accepted into sydney uni for 2016
  • growing my own petunias out my window
  • being a part of a murder mystery

Such fun!

I have missed this blog as an outlet to debrief, reflect and express my responses and feelings to what’s happening in my life, so I intend to be more regularly updating you and sharing some stories as 2015 rolls quickly on. Thanks for being pals!

Love, Ally


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